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Can dogs eat bananas?

Can dogs eat bananas?Most of the dogs like bananas which taste sweet and have dogs feel more cheerful. Dog owners would share bananas with their dogs. Banana is not among the dog toxic food, so dogs can rest assured eat bananas.

It’s important to note that bananas are only treats ,you should limit your dogs’ intake. Don’t let your dog eat a whole bananas.

Banana is rich in dietary fiber pectin, can promote bowel movements, so that smooth defecation. Many vets treat gastrointestinal diseases with smaller amounts of banana. On the side, Bananas pack a powerful energy punch make your dog be more energetic.

If you want to treat dogs with bananas, you’d better cut bananas into pieces, help your dogs with digestion. You should not feed too much intake of bananas cause more harm than good. Eating large amounts of banana can cause diarrhea. Only a little banana every day makes your dogs much healthier.

Don’t worry if your dogs eat the banana peels. There is no evidence shows the banana peels are bad for dogs’ health. Researchers in Taiwan discovered banana peel extract can ease depression, maybe banana peels would improve the mood of your dogs.

Bananas are just treats,don’t expect your dogs absorb nutrients from them.