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Can dogs eat asparagus?

Can dogs eat asparagus?Yes, dogs can eat asparagus in moderation.

Asparagus is the natural and health food with many nutrition elements. It’s rich in dietary fiber, iron, zinc and vitamins. Asparagus also has high medical value. It can reduce the risk of cancer and help reduce joint pain and inflammation for dogs. Asparagus contains a powerful antioxidant named glutathione can help strengthen the immune system and fight the free radicals.

Asparagus is safe for dogs. Dogs can eat asparagus no matter it’s cooked or raw. The cooked asparagus is better as it’s easier to digest and absorb, although cooking will lose a small quantity of nutrients.

If you noticed that dog’s poop turns green and their urine has a very distinctive smell after eating asparagus, that’s normal and there is no need to worry about it. Beyond that, I haven’t heard any side effects about asparagus. If your dogs first eat asparagus, I still recommend that you should feed a little bit of it and observe how dog reacts.

In fact, dogs don’t need to eat large amounts of vegetables because the commercial dog food can meet dog’s nutritional needs. You shouldn’t feed with too much asparagus as it can cause an upset stomach, eating in moderation is better for dogs.