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Can dogs eat hot dogs?

Can dogs eat hot dogs?Yes, dogs can eat hot dogs in small quantities.

The main ingredients of hot dogs are meat such as pork, beef, chicken or turkey. Dogs like eating hot dogs, probably because they’re made of meat. A normal hot dog contains about 300 calories and 18.5 grams of fat, three times then chicken. Hot dogs are high in calories and fat, and would result in obesity, so dogs can’t eat too much.

All hot dogs contain the flavorings like salt. High sodium intake is bad for dog’s skin and coat, and can cause shedding coat. More specifically, don’t feed some hot dogs which contain garlic and paprika because they are harmful to dog’s health. In addition, most of the hot dogs are added preservatives such as sodium nitrite which would increase the risk of cancer. Research shows eating a hot dog every day can increase dog’s risk of colorectal cancer by 21 percent.

If you just feed dogs with a hot dog occasionally, that’s safe. Large amounts of hot dogs are unhealthy for dogs but not fatal, they can cause diarrhea, digestive problems and obesity.

Although hot dogs are pre-cooked, they can be eaten without cooking. You’d better heat them before feeding, because hot dogs may have the bacteria and cooking make them safer to eat.

In conclusion, hot dogs aren’t health food for dogs, but dogs like them. There is no problem if you occasionally feed small amounts. You could chop them into small pieces, and make them as training treats for dogs.