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Can dogs eat celery?

Can dogs eat celery?Yes, dogs can eat celery in moderation.

You can put celery in dog’s treats list, because celery is a safe and healthy vegetable for dogs. Celery is low in calories but rich in fiber, vitamins and potassium, more importantly celery can provide some health benefit. Celery juice has a diuretic effect, it can help dogs excrete excess fluids and reduce the risk of urinary tract infection. Celery juice can be used to treat hypertension and improve a healthy immune system. Beyond that, celery juice can calm pain from arthritis among canines, it’s the best treat for dogs has arthritis or joint pain.

The dog can’t easily digest the celery, so you need to process it before feeding. You can cut celery into smaller pieces so dogs can easily digest and absorb. If conditions allowed, you can often process it into juice, dogs can quickly digest. By the way, some unconfirmed reports have said that may cause intestinal blockage, so on the side of caution don’t feed dogs with celery strings.

No matter what any human food, don’t let your dog eat too much. Large consumption of celery can cause an upset stomach and excessive urination, dog should be drinking water to compensate. Celery can be as a treat but not daily food.