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Can dogs eat blueberries?

Can dogs eat blueberries?Yes, dogs can eat blueberries.

Don’t worry if you accidentally drop a few blueberries on the floor and your dog run over; Blueberries are safe for dogs.

Blueberries are completely natural and health. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C. Antioxidants can improve heart function and reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. At the same time the effect of antioxidants can protect the structure and tissues from the radical damage and delay aging. So blueberries provide special benefits for older dogs.

Blueberries are great treats for your dog. In fact, many dogs don’t like the taste of the blueberry. If your dogs don’t suffer from lactose intolerance, you can mix blueberries and plain yogurt together, your dogs will love this taste. It’s low in sodium and sugar, very healthy.

Although blueberries look like the grapes, dog can’t eat any grapes and raisins, both are toxic.

Blueberries are just treats, so dogs should eat in moderation; Large consumption can cause an upset stomach and diarrhea.