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Can dogs eat green beans?

Can dogs eat green beans?Yes, dogs can eat green beans.

Green beans also known as string beans, it is a good source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber which can improves digestion and absorption. It’s safe for dogs.

If you have a overweight dogs, you could decrease the amounts of dog food and add some green beans in your dog’s regular food. Most vet recommend to eat green beans, and it can help dogs loose weight, because green beans easily fill dogs up, and dogs can’t eat any more. More importantly, green beans are low in calories and fat, you should not worry that dogs intake too much calories. You could gradually decrease the dog food intake and add green beans as the alternative until half of dog’s meals are regular dog food and the other half are green beans.

If you notice that your dog has some digestive problems or diarrhea, which means you feed too much, you should reduce the amounts of green beans.

Dogs can eat either raw or cooked green beans. Don’t add any spices like salt, sugar and others, just keep them plain. The canned with no flavoring added is good too.

In conclusion, dogs can eat green beans. Especially, green beans are the best treat for overweight dogs.