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Can dogs eat bread?

Can dogs eat bread?Dogs can eat bread but not too much.

Note that dogs can’t eat bread as a regular food, Few pieces of bread and bread crumbs just as the treat, have no problem with dogs. Bread is high in calories, just a few pieces can offer enough daily calorie allotment. For example, Chihuahua can consume about 100-150 calories a day, One thin piece of bread has 100 calories. That means eating a piece of bread daily is enough for Chihuahua. Excess calorie intake would result in obesity. That is the common mistake that whole-wheat bread is healthy for dogs.

It’s worth mentioning that some dogs might be allergic to wheat, make sure you know if your dogs are allergic to something.

If you do feed your dogs bread, you could make the bread by yourself, homemade dog bread is much better than the bread made in bakery or super market. You could choose your own combination of ingredients. There are many recipes on our site to make the bread more hearty.