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Can dogs eat onions?

Can dogs eat onions?No, dogs can’t eat onions.

Onions are indispensable dressing in the kitchen. They contain sulfur is good for maintaining healthy vision. Onions are good for people but bad for your dogs.

People’s digestive system is different from dog’s. Whether raw, cooked, flaked or powder onions, all contain disulfide that people can break down and absord but dog can’t digest. Disulfide can oxygenize red blood cells, then dog’s immune system engulfs and destroys these oxidized cells. If a lot of red cells are destroyed, can develop haemolytic anaemia.

The toxic dose of onion is 10-15g/kg of dog’s weight. The poisoning symptoms will show a few days after eat onion. According to the onion intake dose and time, can be divided into acute poisoning and chronic poisoning. High intake of onions can cause acute poisoning which symptom is diarrhoea, vomiting, dullness, loss of appetite, haematuria, even death if not treated quickly enough. Little consumption of onion daily can cause the chronic poisoning which symptom is mild anemia and jaundice.

An occasional low intake of onion is ok. Try to minimize the amount of table scraps that contains onions your dogs eat, such as salsa, pizza, hamburgers.

If your dogs eat plenty of onions or show the signs of poisoning, call your vet immediately.