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Can dogs eat eggs?

Can dogs eat eggs?Yes, dogs can eat eggs. There are many various ways of cooking eggs such as boiled, scrambled and fried. Boiled or scrambled eggs are good for dog’s health because they retain the most nutrients and easy to adsorb.

Eggs are one of the nature’s most nutritional bargains around. Just one egg contains 6.25 grams of protein, 75 calories and 13 essential vitamins and minerals.

Many people often misunderstand eggs are cholesterol bombs. In fact, eating 3-4 eggs per week doesn’t cause the increase of the cholesterol level. Extensive research shows eggs don’t significantly increase the risk of high cholesterol or heart disease. When eaten in moderation, eggs can’t pose a threat to dog’s health.

Eggs are almost perfect food, but still have some potential side effects. They may cause flatulence and fart. If your dogs start farting after eating eggs, don’t worry.

Can dogs eat raw eggs? No, I don’t recommend dogs eat raw eggs. Some say raw eggs have more nutritional value than cooked eggs, generally this may be true, but it doesn’t mean dogs can digest and absord these nutrients. Here are some absorption rates of eggs:boiled eggs 100%, scrambled eggs 96%, fried eggs 90% and raw eggs are only 45%. The protein of raw eggs is tightening and poorly absorbed, but the protein of cooked eggs is loosely organised and more easily absorbed.

Raw eggs are not only hard to digest and absorb but may contain bacteria named salmonella can cause diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever. In addition, raw eggs contain enzyme inhibitors would be bad for the dog’s digestive function. To summarize: Dogs can get much more nutrients from cooked eggs than raw eggs, Cooked eggs are much safer.

Dogs can eat cooked eggs in moderation. 3-4 eggs a week for dog is enough, too many eggs can cause the stomach upset.