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How to teach a dog to sit?

How to teach a dog to sit?Dog tricks are very interesting, but teaching dog tricks is boring and repetitive tasks. You must let dogs learn from the simple beginning, exercise over and over, so love and patience are the important part of the teaching process.

Follow these steps, your dogs will soon learn to sit on command.

1 Stand in front of your dog and get dog’s attention.

2 Hold dog’s favorite treat above dog’s nose, dog will stare at the treat, don’t let the dog touch it. Don’t hold too high, dogs will jump. If the dog is excitable, ignores he until calm down.

3 Move the treat back towards your dog’s tail.

4 Say your dog’s name loudly and clearly, and command he “Sit” .

5 As soon as your dog sits, say “good dog” in an upbeat tone, and give it a treat.

6 Repeat this trick for about five minutes so your dog can associate the sound with the treat, then learn the trick.

Once your dog is used to sitting on command, you could occasionally give a treat not every time.


You should teach the dog 2 hours after a meal or 2 hour before meals, because the stuffed dog has less interest in the treat.

If your dog does not sit after a few tries, avoid pushing her into a sitting position. You’d better use praise and treats to teach the dog. If you are tired, take a break and try again later. You must know that punishment and scold do nothing but make your dog fear, and he will associate the sound with the punishment.

In fact, dogs will never really understand the meaning of “SIT”, they just associate the word “sit” with the treats.