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How to teach a dog to lay down?

How to teach a dog to lay down?Dogs naturally tend to lay down, you just need to teach them lay down on command. This trick is useful, it can make dogs calm down and help you to teach a dog more complicated tricks. The first thing to teach lay down is to let dogs learn to sit, which you can learn from the previous article.

Now follow us to teach a dog to lay down.

1. Have your dog to sit and face you.

2. Grab the dog’s favorite treats, have dogs take notice. Hold them in front of the dog’s nose. Dogs can just smell but can’t eat.

3. Slowly put the treat to the floor directly in front of the dog. The dog’s head will follow the treat and down to the floor. Once the dog’s head touched the floor, you should say clearly “lay down”. Then let dogs eat the treat, pet dogs and give them praise, for example “good dog”.

4. Repeat this several times. If dogs don’t lay down, and want to eat treats. Don’t give them the treat, instead, try again.

5. When youor dog is used to laying down on command, you could reduce the frequency of giving treat.

TIPS: Everything that dogs do is for you, don’t push or punish your dog. You must stick with positive guidance, let dogs associate following the command with reward but not punishment.