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Can dogs eat turkey?

Can dogs eat turkey?Turkey is traditional Thanksgiving food, people love mom’s turkey dinners. Many dog owners wanna share their the turkey with their four-legged friend. But can dogs eat turkey?

Yes, dogs can eat turkey, it would be a great treat for your dog. In fact, turkey is the main ingredients in many dog food.

The following should be noted about feeding dogs with turkey:

1. You should cook the turkey as raw meat can be loaded with harmful bacteria.

2. Don’t add any onions and garlic into turkey. Onions are bad for dogs and keep dogs away from onions. Some dogs don’t like garlic and even are allergic to it.

3. If you feed your dogs with leftovers, don’t feed too much as human food is not for your dogs.

4. Don’t feed any turkey skin, bones or turkey fat. Turkey bones are brittle just like chicken bones, dogs can chew them to splinters that hurt dog’s mouth and even cause choking. Turkey skin and fat are bad for dog’s health as they contains too much fat can cause diarrhea and even increase the risk of pancreatitis.

In conclusion, turkey can’t be as the regular food, it’s OK occasionally.