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Can dogs eat the mango?

Can dogs eat the mango?Yes, dogs can eat mango in moderation unless your dogs are allergic to mangoes.

In some places, mango is called king of fruits, Mango is a tropical fruit, it tastes sweet and juicy. Mango is rich in protein, pectin, crude fiber, vitamins and minerals. It contains particularly higher vitamin A which can protect the eyes from the damage by the free radicals, is rare in all the fruit. Pectin can help dogs hold moisture and nutrients and lower cholesterol. Crude fiber can help digest and defecate. Mango also contains antioxidants may inhibit cancer cells growth and help maintain the immune system.

Don’t feed the whole mango, you should peel the mango and remove the core. Chop into small cubes to help dog easily digest.

Dogs should never eat the mango core, that can even lead to death. My friend has a Labrador retriever. He occasionally feed with the whole mango, sometimes his dog swallowed the mango core, but would regurgitate the core and never had been harmed. But unfortunately, I heard his dog died from eating a mango seed six months ago. That was the last time his dog ate the mango, swallowed the seed and didn’t regurgitate. The mango core caused infections and blockages of dog’s digestive tract, end up develop bowel perforation. If your dogs swallow the mango seed or you observe some symptoms like refuse all food, vomiting, you should call your vet asap.

New dog food should be introduced slowly and carefully. You can give your dog a piece of mango, observe his reaction and make sure whether the dog is allergic to mango. If there is no problem, you can gradually increase the amount.

Mango is health for dogs, but dogs can’t eat too many mangoes, because the mango is rich in fiber and sugar, overeating mango may cause an upset stomach and diarrhea. Serve it as an occasional treat to dog is better.