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Can dogs eat shrimp?

Can dogs eat shrimp?Yes, dogs can eat shrimp.

Shrimp are nourishing and tasted good. And shrimp are healthy foods, is the good source of protein, vitamins. They’re low in calorie and easy to digest. Shrimp are rich in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron, improve metabolism, bone and teeth health.

The shrimp contains many cholesterol quantity, so feed them to your dog in moderation. A little amount will improve dog’s health, too much can cause gastrointestinal issues as dogs can’t digest too much shrimp.

You’d better cook thoroughly and go head to tail peel the shrimp. Uncooked shrimp may contain bacteria called salmonella which can cause diarrhea, vomiting, fever and abdominal pain. The shells of shrimp will stick in dog’s teeth, affect gastrointestinal digestive function just like eating bones.

Shrimp have lower mercury content than fish. The trace amount of heavy metals and other harmful substances are accumulated and concentrated in the head of shrimp, so you’d better remove it.

Finally, I want to remind that if your dogs are allergic to shrimp, be careful with that.

Dogs can eat one or two small shrimp as a treat, eating too much is bad.