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Can dogs eat raw meat?

Can dogs eat raw meat?There’s been some debate on can dogs eat raw meat in veterinary medicine. Many vets don’t recommend dogs to eat raw meat, because raw meat contains toxic bacteria and parasites, can make dogs diarrhea, vomiting and other problems. Some other vets believe raw meat can accelerate digestion in dog’s bowels and makes dogs much more energetic.

If you wanna feed your dog with raw meat, you should remember some special considerations before feeding raw meat.

1. Feed dog with raw meat only if your dog is perfectly healthy.
As we know, raw meat may contain harmful bacteria. Dogs can handle bacteria better when dogs are in good health, because the dog’s digestive system can quickly handle the food and bacteria, dog’s immune system can protect from infection by bacteria. But if dogs have a weak digestive or immune system even inflammation, they can’t destroy the most harmful bacteria in the raw meat, it can make your dog sick. Don’t feed your dogs with raw meat if dogs have diarrhoea, vomiting, inflammation or other health problem.

2. You need deworm your dog regular monthly.
Raw meat may contain parasites that stop dogs absorbing food they eat, so you need deworm dog regularly.

3. Wash your dog’s bowls everyday.
Dog’s bowls are the best way for the harmful bacteriato breed, especially if dogs eat in it and leave little. So you should often clean your dog’s bowls to eliminate bacterial contamination.

4. Put the raw meat in the freezer more than 48 hours.
Extremely low temperature can kill the parasites and their eggs, minimize bacterial growth. By the way, only temperature below -20F can kill the bacterial, but home fridge temperature can’t reach that temperature, So don’t expect your fridge kill the bacterial.

In conclusion, dog’s can eat raw meat but there is no evidence that raw meat is better, and raw meat have some potential risks. So I don’t recommend to feed dogs with raw meat.