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Can dogs eat pork?

Can dogs eat pork?Yes, dogs can eat pork so long as pork is cooked.

In fact, the main ingredient of many commercial dog food is pork; this is evidence that most of the dogs can eat pork.

You should thoroughly cooked pork before feeding, because raw or undercooked pork may contain trichinella muscle larvae, eating raw pork can cause trichinellosis which is a serious parasitic zoonosis. Keep high fire and cook for a long time, could kill trichinellas effectively. Cooked pork is safe for dogs.

How much dogs eat pork is depended on their digestive function. Some dogs can eat a lot of pork as they have a strong stomach but some may suffer from poor digestion. If you wanna feed dogs with table scraps, just remove the outermost layer of pork as it contains too many dressings that dogs can’t eat. By the way, some dogs are allergic to pork, be careful.

Somebody may have another question, “Can dogs eat pork bones?” No, dogs would be better not to eat pork bones. Although dogs like crunching pork bones, pork bones are threats to a dog’s health. Dogs can chew bones to splinters which may hurt dog’s mouth, throat and stomach. If the splinters are lodged in dog’s throat, even cause vomiting and death. I know that maybe some dog owners are thinking, “I have fed my dogs with pork bones over the years, without any problem.” However, if you work at the Vets several days, you’ll change your mind quickly. Pork bones are bad for dogs!

In conclusion, dogs can eat cooked pork but can’t eat pork bones.