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Can dogs eat pistachios?

Yes, dogs can eat pistachios in small quantities. But we don’t recommend to feed dogs with pistachios because there are some potential risk.

Pistachio is a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Pistachios benefit human’s health. People like these delicious nuts so they always want to share with their four-legged friend.

Pistachios themselves are not known to have any toxicity to dogs, but improper storage and no drying fully may produce toxins named aflatoxin likely to cause liver cancer and esophageal cancer. Once aflatoxin contamination of pistachios, it’s hard to completely clear.

You should pick the fresh pistachios, don’t feed long-time storage pistachios, because long-time storage can cause mildew, mouldy pistachios contain large quantities of aflatoxin. By the way, you should remove the pistachio shells before feeding as dogs can’t easily digest pistachio shells. They can cause an upset stomach.

Pistachios are rich in fat and phosphorus. Although pistachio has proven to be a healthy moderate-fat diet, eating too much also can cause stomach pain, pancreatitis or bladder stones.

If your dog eats large quantities of pistachios, you should observe dog’s react and call the vet.

Dogs can eat pistachios occasionally. In my option, pistachios aren’t necessary for dogs, I would rather pick a safer treat like peanut butter.