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Can dogs eat peas?

Can dogs eat peas?Yes, dogs can eat peas.

Peas are high in dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins, which can improve dog’s immune system and fight against free radical damage. Dietary fiber would benefit overweight dogs because it can make dogs feel full, and reduce dog’s food intake. In addition, dietary fiber can promote bowel movements. Peas are a good source of lutein and zeaxanthin, which can help protect dog’s eyes.

Peas and green beans look similar, many people can’t distinguish between them. They’re both legumes. Although their nutrient content is a little different, but they’re both nutrient-rich and beneficial to dog’s health. Peas have more vitamins and minerals than green beans, peas contain vitamin E, lutein and zeaxanthin but green beans don’t contain. The peas inside are round but green bean inside looks more likely bean shape. People often eat the immature peas without their skin.

Dogs can eat either raw or cooked peas, but I recommend feed cooked peas as cooked peas is softer, it makes the dog easier to digest. Some dogs may like frozen and canned peas. If you feed a little bit of them, there is no problem.

Although peas are low in calories and good for dog’s health, you can’t replace dog’s daily food with peas. Too much intake can cause diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems.