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Can dogs eat lettuce?

Can dogs eat lettuce?Yes, dogs can eat small amounts of lettuce.

Lettuce is a herbaceous plants and has many varieties. It’s a common vegetable in many areas. Lettuce is low in nutrition value, just contains some vitamins and fibres, other vegetables such as spinach and carrot have more nutritional value than lettuce. Of course, lettuce also has some health benefits. It’s low in calorie, can balance dog’s diet.

My dogs like lettuce. When I make vegetable salad in the kitchen, my dog always lies beside my feet and waits for some lettuce.

If your dogs suffered from constipation, you could feed with lettuce in small quantities, it can ease constipation. However, dogs can’t eat too much lettuce as it will cause diarrhea and other digestive problems. Dogs are omnivores, lettuce is safe for them.

In conclusion, dogs can eat the lettuce in small quantities. Lettuce is not very nutritious and necessary, you can find many better alternatives.