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Can dogs eat honey?

Can dogs eat honey?Yes, dogs can eat honey. Honey is safe and good for dogs just like people. Although the dog’s digestive system is different from people and can’t easily digest some human food, dog can easily digest and absorb the honey.

Honey are a widely use food, not just because it’s the sweetener and dressing, but because honey contains kinds of vitamins and microelement that benefit dog’s health. Drinking honey water can help bowel movement, because honey is rich in lemon vitamin can improve gastric juice production and digestion.

Honey has antioxidant and bacteria fighting ability, so honey can help to wound healing and prevent free radicals damaging cells. Moreover, honey is the greatest weapons for dealing with allergies.

Don’t feed little puppy with honey. Honey contains trace amounts of pollen and clostridium botulinum, little puppy don’t have the ability to fight this bacteria that may lead to poisoning. when your puppy grows, healthy bacterial populations living in the gut can effectively bind and kill the clostridium botulinum. Honey is good for your adult dogs but don’t let your little puppy eat it.

In conclusion, honey is good for dogs. Just like other human foods, dogs can’t eat too much honey, large consumption can cause diarrhea even obesity. One teaspoon of honey per day is enough for dogs.