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Can dogs eat ham?

Can dogs eat ham?Yes, dogs can just eat small amounts of ham.

It is a common phenomenon that dogs suffer from gastrointestinal problems after the holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving Day. Dog owners will feed dogs with a variety of human foods incontinently. That’s bad, dog’s digestive system is different from humans, their smaller and shorter digestive tracts can’t digest too much human food. Ham is the common festive foods on the tables, and it’s dog owner’s favorites, so people also feed the dog with ham.

Ham is made from pig’s front and back leg after the process of curing, so it means ham is rich in fat and high in sodium. High salt and fat diet can cause obesity and hypertension even heart problems for whether human or dogs. Ham is very tasty but unhealthy food. You can let the dog eat a small amount of ham occasionally, too much can cause an upset stomach.

Although dogs like crunching ham bones, not let your dog chew the big bones. Dog can chew it to splinters which get stuck into the mouth and throat even hurt dog’s stomach, that can cause vomiting and even death. That’s too bad, don’t put your four-legged friend in danger.

In conclusion, dogs can eat ham in moderation, but too much is bad for dogs.