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Can dogs eat garlic?

Can dogs eat garlic?Yes, dogs can eat a little garlic.

Usually we have a misunderstanding, dogs shouldn’t eat any garlic just like onions. Of course, a large consumption of garlic is bad for dogs but a clove of garlic is good for your dogs. In fact, many Commercial dog food contain garlic, many vets suggest use a little garlic as natural home remedy for dogs. Garlic is strongly antibacterial and antifungal, can help with colds, fever, indigeston and other inflammation.

Garlic and onion are both from Allium, family Liliaceae, so many people think garlic is as toxic as onions. But that’s incorrect, the disulfide in garlic is much less than in onion. Dogs don’t get poisoned unless eat more than 30 cloves of garlic in one go. I have not seen anybody could eat more than 30 cloves of garlic at once, let alone for dogs. More importantly, we also use garlic in small amounts, people always like onion rings but noboday like garlic rings. The same is for dogs too.

Caution: Some dogs had suffered from anemia or 1-3 month old puppies can’t eat garlic. Some dogs don’t like garlic taste and even are allergic to it, garlic are not for them either.

In conclusion, if you can control dosage level and frequency of use carefully, garlic is good for your dog’s health.