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Can dogs eat corn?

Can dogs eat corn?Yes, dogs can eat corn. Corn can be a good snack, but not as their main diet.

Corn is rich in calcium, selenium, linoleic acid, lecithin and vitamin E. Vitamin E can reduce serum cholesterol; Linoleic acid is also important for healthy coat.

Corn is safe for dogs. Corn should be boiled to eat as a treat. In fact, corn is commonly been used in dog foods for many years. Dogs can digest the corn, but the dog owner can’t feed too much corn as it’s bad for dog’s digestive system. In addition, corn contains many carbohydrates result in obesity. Obesity can harm the dog’s heart and digestive system. Incidentally, few dogs are allergic to corn.

Many dog owners throw a whole corn cob to dogs. That’s not a good idea, if the dog eat a whole corn cob without chewing up, it can cause a partial or complete intestinal obstruction, even death in some cases. Keep your dogs away from the corn cobs. If your dogs have eaten a whole corn cob, call your vet ASAP.

In conclusion, dogs can eat corn as a treat.