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Can dogs eat cinnamon?

Can dogs eat cinnamon?Yes, dogs can eat cinnamon in small quantities.

Cinnamon is a common seasoning. People like to add cinnamon and other dressing to make food much delicious. Beyond that, cinnamon is actually one of the most powerful healing spices. Cinnamon was used to treat indigestion, diarrhea and fever in ancient times. With the fast development of modern medicine, there is evidence shows that cinnamon helps control blood sugar and cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. If your dog is overweight, it may be a good idea to add small amounts of cinnamon to dog’s food. In fact, many commercial dog food products even use cinnamon as an ingredient, proves that cinnamon is safe for dogs.

Cinnamon is good for dogs which suffer from Type 2 diabetes. Consumed cinnamon in small quantities a day can help reduce the blood sugar, because cinnamon can help prevent and treat Type 2 diabetes just like insulin.

Although cinnamon has many health benefits, cinnamon’s nutritional value is not clear. Cinnamon is safe for dogs in small quantities, eating too much is bad for dogs. Large consumption of cinnamon can cause stomach pain even damage dog’s liver. Don’t feed your dog with cinnamon rolls, that’s too much will kill your dog.

In conclusion, if your dog is health and enjoy his food, you don’t need to add cinnamon. If your dogs suffered from poor digestion, obesity or diabetes, that’s good to sprinkle cinnamon on the dog food occasionally, don’t have any side-effects. You need to remember large amounts of cinnamon is bad for dogs. Cinnamon is not even a food, it is only used as a spice.