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Can dogs eat cherries?

Can dogs eat cherries?Yes, dogs can eat cherries if you remove the pits, seeds, stems and leaves.

The leaves and seeds of cherries contain hydrogen cyanide may cause dizziness, headaches and accelerated respiration rate. If the cherry pips are crushed, chewed, or nibbled, they produce hydrogen cyanide.

The natural plant pigments that give cherries ruby red color are also powerful anti-oxidants that benefit healthy. Cherries contain rich vitamin C, vitamin A, anthocyanins and rutin. Cherry anthocyanins, one of the most powerfulforms of antioxidants, can help to suppress inflammation and reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. In addition, cherries contain considerable amounts of Melatonin helps regulate heart rhythms and the sleep cycles.

Cherry can help the body to purify toxins and contribute to kidney detoxification, also has the gentle aperient effect.

Don’t feed too many cherries to your dogs, cherries are just a great treat. Finally the most important, dogs can only eat the cherry flesh. Cherries are so small, removing seeds is hard work, and it takes time. I would like to feed any other fruits except cherries.