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Can dogs eat cheese?

Can dogs eat cheese?Yes, dogs can eat cheese, is a good treat.

Cheese consists of nutrients like protein and fat, it is not only smells good but tastes delicious. Dogs love cheese as well as people, But be warned: some dogs, who are lactose intolerant, can’t eat too much cheese. Cheese is a dairy product contains lactose, so these dogs can’t digest completely and have a reaction such as mild stomach aches and diarrhea. Even then, occasional little cheese as a treat is no problem for these dogs, cheese is safe for dogs.

Cheese is rich in fat, dogs should avoid excessive ingestion of fat. You’d better feed dogs with cottage cheese is low-fat. Cheese can mix with dogs’s regular food to make dog food more delicious.

Many people like to use cheese as training treat, cheese tastes much better than dog biscuits. Beyond that, Cheese is a special treat to give pills for dogs; you can use small cheese chunks to hide the pills, then feed.

Overall, Dogs can eat cheese, but you should feed them in moderation.