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Can dogs eat cashews?

Dogs can eat cashews as a treat,eating too much can cause stomach pain.

Cashews are not only delicious, but are rich in nutrients in various such as iron, folic acid, fiber and protein. They are good for brain.

Cashews are rich in monounsaturated fats(oleic acid 67.4% and linoleic acid 19.8%) and low in saturated fat. Especially oleic acid (a.k.a. omega-9s) is the same “good” fat found in olive oil. Oleic acid can protect the cardio-cerebral-vascular system and reduce the blood fat, also can benefit dog’s coat.

But on the other side, Cashews contains too much sugar and fat, the contents of sugar and fat are 22.3% and 46.5%. It can cause upset stomach and overweight, even increase the risk of pancreatitis. Cashews always are with salt, high in salt and sugar may taste appealing, but be bad for your dog’s health and moods. And I should also say, some dogs is allergic to cashews.

Dogs can’t eat raw cashews. You should steam or fry them before feeding as the raw cashew nuts contain a toxin which is eliminated through high-temperature.

Yes, dogs can eat cashews in moderate, too much is not good for your dogs.