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Dog Teeth Cleaning without anesthesia: Is it better?

Dog Teeth Cleaning without anesthesia: Is it better?In recent years, many pet supply stores offer the anesthesia-free teeth cleaning service which cost less than dog teeth cleaning with anesthesia. You may think: This service is great, no anaesthetic which may have a potential risk, and much cheaper.

Actually you only see the apparent effects. The so-called dog teeth cleaning without anesthesia do more harm than good. Most vets always insist the dog teeth cleaning with anesthesia. They said anesthesia-free teeth cleaning was essentially not a medical choice, so it can’t solve dog’s dental problems fundamentally.

Let me tell youthe difference between them. You would weight the health risks and benefits, and make the best choice for your dogs.

1. Anesthesia-free teeth cleaning just clean the visible portions of the teeth, leave plaque and calculus in parts you really can’t see. If only the crowns are scraped, tooth problems will become serious and make it much more difficult to treat. I have seen many dogs after anesthesia-free teeth cleaning, their crowns looked beautiful but their gums were deep red and swollen, and the teeth were loose.

2. Vet can carefully examine each tooth with anesthesia, especially the gums and roots, which are easy to be infected with the bacteria.

3. Dog can feel the pain when cleaning portions under the gumline, they’re hard to tolerate. Examination and treatment require minimal movement, it’s difficult without anesthesia. Dogs may struggle and stress during this procedure, even hurt themselves.

For your dog’s dental health, you’d better choose dog teeth cleaning with anesthesia.