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Can Dogs Eat Peaches?

Can Dogs Eat Peaches?You’d better not let your dogs eat peaches. People always consider the dog as their best friend and are willing to share their food with their four-legged friends. People food isn’t always safe for dogs as there are striking differences between the dog and the man. Even fruits can be bad for dogs.

Peach is sweet and juicy, people like it and dogs like it too. However, Dogs can’t eat peaches. The peach pit contains a commonly known poison named as cyanide, in the form of Amygdalin. In fact, many fruits contain cyanide such as apple and cherry, but the amounts are fairly few. Cyanide doses of apple seeds is only about one-fourth that of peach pits, very small compared with peach kernels. If your dogs mistakenly eat apple seeds, that’s not a problem. However, if swallowed a peach pit, the most the cyanide will cause bad stomachache, dizziness and salivation. For people, the peach pit is too tough to open and too large to be swallowed. But for dog, impossible is nothing. I would never put my dogs at risk.

If your dogs eat the peach pits, you should pay close attention to your dogs. When your dogs appear poisoning symptoms such as dizziness , salivation, dilated pupils and seizures, you should go to the vet as soon as possible. Besides, swallowing the whole peach pit can cause the digestive problems.

Keep peaches away from your dogs, peaches are bad for dogs.